About This Blog

Hello! Thank you so much for visit my blog! ^o^
Actually I use this blog only for save my pictures only, so please forgive my ugly face (lol).

Btw, feel free to follow me :) also you can add my facebook? chat with me? feel free to do that ^^. i like having many friends.


My Fan Blog

now i tried to make a fanblog for my fav cosplayer >.<

arigatou ne for yemima senpai >.<

visid my fanblog please ^^



About Me

I just a simple girl
nothing spesial from me >.<

Real Name: Fransisca Lafayette Sianipar
Nickname: Sisca or Chica >.<
Age: 15
Country: Indonesi :3

i like cosplay, but i'm not COSPLAYER T.T
but, i just ever cosplay
my first cosplay is enma ai

i will upload it  when i found it again