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Gymnastics in the morning

Yesterday my mom ask me to follow her to GYM tomorrow morning XD
because I want to try too, and then I say "OK MOM"
~Next Morning~

I woke up at 05.00 am, and want to woke my mom up
but, she is so lazy............and until at 05.45 we set 

at 06.30 am we arrived at UNIS. to leave our motorcyle in there.
an after we leave our motorcycle, then walk to the GYM place

This is the place

so many show in there
i will upload the video in youtube soon as possible >.<

Mom, Aunt Ida, Aunt Nunung
we are waiting the doorprize
When we back home at 08.30am

actually i just want to taking photos of bicycle, but this kid ask me to taking photo them too -.-