About This Blog

Hello! Thank you so much for visit my blog! ^o^
Actually I use this blog only for save my pictures only, so please forgive my ugly face (lol).

Btw, feel free to follow me :) also you can add my facebook? chat with me? feel free to do that ^^. i like having many friends.


req from cosplayer

i make a request from cosplayer ><
and they done it :3

 From Leeneesan ><

From Shiki-san ><


My Puppy

Finaly I have Puppies ><

This is Their name

me ans Aoi ><


I love Aoi ><

so kawaii ><



OMG ><
so many people Say "Happy B'day" to me :3



Thank You all ^o^



I told to Tifa-chan for make a banner for Rinrin Blog
and YES finaly the banner finish ><
and Rinrin like this banner :3
but the pic become blur when rinrin put it into her blog ><