About This Blog

Hello! Thank you so much for visit my blog! ^o^
Actually I use this blog only for save my pictures only, so please forgive my ugly face (lol).

Btw, feel free to follow me :) also you can add my facebook? chat with me? feel free to do that ^^. i like having many friends.


Sheryl Nome Ver

Sagitarius Blue

Sagitarius Black

Sagitarius Red

Black Rabbit

Nyan Nyan Ver



i wanna tell you about my new picture ><

i wear "BATIK" in this picture

every sunday, when i wanna going to chruch, i always use "Feminim" Shirt

What do you think?


In Lippo

Today i was going to Lippo ><
the first place we visit is "Hoka Hoka Bento"
because we love HOKBEN >/////<

Eat Hoka Hoka Bento :3

Echa and Nisa

With Echa

With Chairun

With Echa & Nisa


In Toilet (Toire)