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Hello! Thank you so much for visit my blog! ^o^
Actually I use this blog only for save my pictures only, so please forgive my ugly face (lol).

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Mom's Day and Christmas 2012 GPDI (Gereja Pantekosta Di Indonesia)

Mom's Day >...<
I love My Mom so much :3

Christmas Sign for peoples who I know :)

Christmas in Church

Back from Church


Private wear (Portrait)

 @Home, just try to wear my cloth for BTS (Buku Tahunan Siswa)

@Photo Studio Jakarta 

Me and Tiwi

 Me and Dhina

 Tiwi and Dhina

Me and Tiwi :)

Me and Ike

 Tiwi and Me, we find a big lolipop >,<

Firdha, Me and Tiwi

Me, Rika and Tiwi

Tiwi, Rika, and Me

Ike, Rika, Dina, Firda, Nabiela, Siti, Tiwi, Me, Ribka

Tiwi, Ike, Rika, Lukita, Me

This is My SCARY Face :D

 Tiwi and Rika

when my friend become CRAZY :D

Me and Nabiela >..<

Me, Tiwi, and Ririn

 Me and Tiwi >....<

when photoshoot :3
Epi, Me, Rika, Tiwi, and Ririn

Me, Firda, Ribka, Nabiela, and Siti