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Hello! Thank you so much for visit my blog! ^o^
Actually I use this blog only for save my pictures only, so please forgive my ugly face (lol).

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I send a message to My Best Friends ^o^

the message like this:

"Jujur itu Meyakinkan"
=Apa yang mau kamu katakan buat aku menjelang Idul Fitri! 2011 ini?=

1. I Love You
2. Jangan Tinggalkan aku
3. Biasa Aja
4. Aku pernah suka kamu, tapi dulu
5. Nyebelin
6. Cerewet
7. Sahabat Terbaik ku
8. Mau gak jadi pacar aku?
9. Jangan Lupain aku
10. You are My Best Friend
11. You are My Best Sister
12. You are My Best Brother
13. Aku suka kamu, tapi aku punya pacar
14. Kangen Sama Kamu
15. Aku sayang sama kamu
16. Aku benci sama kamu

I send this to Pingkan and Echa

and the reply me

This is from Pingkan

This is From Echa

i'm so Happy with it >.<
Thank you My best friends

This is Me and Echa

This is Pingkan and Echa

This is PingkanMe and Echa

Love you My Best Friends <3



There is a contest in my school
the contest is about Modeling :)
one of my Best friend join that contest

She is so Pretty *.*

so sad, she isn't the winner :(


New Blog

Hello all

sorry for not always writing blog T.T

i'm so busy this month

i got much homework >.<

i'm so sorry T.T

btw, i want to tell you that i have a new blog ^o^

this blog for japanese ^^

Please Visit ^^

Japanese Blog

Thank You!!!