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Hello! Thank you so much for visit my blog! ^o^
Actually I use this blog only for save my pictures only, so please forgive my ugly face (lol).

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Kira Yun Kun Video for me


She is Yui Kira Yun a cosplayer From Vietnames >.<
I just help her for make "Welcome" in her Fan Page
she is very kind >.<
i never told her to make a video, but she make it just only for me :3
This is the first time i hear her voice, OH............her voice very cute >.>

i feel so embrassed, because she make a video for me........
But, Thanks So Much *kissu*  Muaachhhhhh


Ranka Lee Ver

Ranka Lee (魔法少女パステル)

 Ranka Lee (サヨナラノツバサ)

Ranka Lee (美星学園制服)

Ranka Lee (ラズベリーキャンディー)

 Ranka Lee (私服)


For My Lovely Boyfriend (Aoi)

i'm not good for make a word about BF or Best Friend
so i just copy this from my friend :3

Waking up i see that everything is Ok.
The First Time in my life and now it's so great
slowing down i look around and i'm so amaze
i think about the little things that make life great
i wouldn't change a thing about it
this is best feeling....................
this innocence is brilliant,,.......
i hope that it will stay..
This moment is perfect, please don't go away
I NEED YOU NOW, and i'll hold on to it, Don't you let it pass you by?!........


Message Uzura-san (突然ではありますが)









i resign from cure on august 26, 2011.

the reason of these are that abuse dont disappear if i write instructions.,and im hard to assume interchange in here.

i upload my image for only friend in cosplayer archive and will think to continue working on cosplayer in future.

for many favorites to me, bookmark, star, fan club application, thank you so much!

i will active for the making of good work as encouragement by warm message of some fans in future.

thank you very much so far.


Thanks To Ken-sensei for Translate this ^^