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New Dess [30-08-2015]

My Lecture Wedding Party [14-02-2015]

It had been 5 months that I hadn't update something in my blog.
so, I will talking about my experience for the fist time to attend a wedding party.

actually, i'm a person that never attending any wedding party before.
well, maybe because that time is my lecture wedding party.

 first, since this is my frirst time, i was confuse what should i wear to the wedding party.
i asked my friend about it, and TADAA.......that's what i wear (lol)
well, maybe since it's valentine day, my friend said that i must wear a pink shirt.

 and here when me and my friend already arrieved at the wedding, i don't have a chance to take a picture with the bride T.T
btw, the guy beside me is my best friend, his name is Aldi.

It's SELFIE time ~
me and Shuha-chan

 Me and Novi-chan

Me, Aldi, and Shuha