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Actually I use this blog only for save my pictures only, so please forgive my ugly face (lol).

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ice cream o.O

Today i'm eating an ice cream in front of the door
the light of my camera very bad, but i like
coz the light make my face looks so white ><

the ice cream very yummy :3
i bought this ice cream yesterday with my mom <3

i was see my neighbor ><

today i also playing facebook and eating an ice cream ><


About Mishin Diary

Saya-san already died on March 15 early morning
This is what mishin-san write in her diary

you were a shooting star of dazzling for me.
you were really pretty and was really attractive.
you were the existence and you had overwhelming presence and action hercules and seemed to be able to catch it and could not get.
i loved you because i seemed to sometimes slip from a hand, and you were to be able to reach it and you were beautiful and were in danger, and but your all were my admiration.
i loved you because anything had nothing to do with a hobby as for you and were very attractive as a human being as one girl .
i play with her a lot and i stay and do it and talk seriously and cry and encourage it in anger laughingly.
there is a lot of having known about you in four years when there was it together all the time.
i was really fun.i spent happy days so as not to want to talk in a fun way.
i wants to say goodbye properly to go early near you,and to convey whether i was happy and i love you.
you maybe not here because you was loved with god in the sky, and you shine neatly.
i cannot follow the speed now because these events were too sudden for an instant.
though i was not able to sleep at all, i do not sleep, and my heart does not come in these events well.
though i want to think these events to be a lie, i turn a face away and do not want to miss the true last.
you were the genuine shooting star which gave off brightness stronger than anyone else that condensed before short time for me.

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Oyasumi-nasai Saya-san :(