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Hello! Thank you so much for visit my blog! ^o^
Actually I use this blog only for save my pictures only, so please forgive my ugly face (lol).

Btw, feel free to follow me :) also you can add my facebook? chat with me? feel free to do that ^^. i like having many friends.


friend b'day?

This is the first time i edit this picture in photoshop and photoscape
YEAHHH!~!!! because this is special for my sister ^o^
Happy B'day for you dear :3
Thanks for everything you give to me ^_^



Hello all
yesterday, finaly i can go to lippo  >.<
YEAHHH!!!! i bought 5 comick and watched film in cinema XDD

i bought 3 ticket for watched with my friends <3

i watched in premier level XDD
yeah, so expensive in here =.=

bought 3 tickets for watched insidious
that film do horror
i'm very scared to watched it T.T (until now)


B'day present from BFF?

my friend give me a b'day present so late T,T
but it's okay for me ^^

 my little sister so annoying in here =.=


cosplay edit? O.O

Hello all
i just want to share my edit to you ^^
i actualy i doing this, coz i'm so bored :(
and this is my edit for a cosplayer
and everytime i see this pic, i always want to "Laugh" >w<

i realy can't stop laugh when i see this pic >w<



she is realy kind ^^
if she a faker, she will block me O.O

wow, chibi-neechan say in indonesia >w<

yui-san write in indonesia >w<
she say "Sampai Jumpa" :3

they are realy cool XDDD




She is realy NOT PROFESIONAL for edit picture =.=

it's Mikki Ulzzang NOT you!!!

this is mikki ^^



a People who write this is Angela Nicole
we ever fought before in "We Hate Faker!Be Yourself Please" Page
she also ever said My Friend Claire Tacan  is Faker, and it make me ANGRY!!!

ABout Angela: Actualy this girl is FAKER!!, she ever use My Friend Picture and said that picture was her :(
and she also said that picture is Plastic Surgery :(. WTF she say that O.O

Mima, you musnt mosaic this, coz i know who said that ^^
this is the people who said it
did you know who is the admin?
just only me who know the admin, coz just only me know a people who hate me
the admin is Angela Nicole!!!
she make that page, actually just only for fighting to me, coz i BLOCK her From "CosFAke" Page!! (lo)
oh mima, i already told to you for NOT Mosaic this!!
a people who comment this is yumemiru =,=
i still remember about this STUPID GUY who believe FAKER (LOL)
we ever fought before

i just can explain that!!